Become a Cloud Engineer (Dallas) | nology Tech Consultancy Programme - Dallas

Become a Cloud Engineer (Dallas) | nology Tech Consultancy Programme

Dallas, Texas, United States

Become a Junior Cloud Engineer with _nology. Receive all the training and support that you’ll need, to quickly progress from entry-level engineer to a certified Cloud Engineer with an unlimited earning potential!

Anyone can join our 24-month Technology Consultancy Programme – spend 12 weeks (paid) on our immersive training course before being deployed to work on modern, exciting projects with one of the largest tech consultancies in the world. We’ll help you launch your career as a Cloud Engineer.

Fully-funded (free!) award-winning training to get you job-ready in just 12 weeks. Training is paid at $1500 a month, for the entire 12 weeks.

• Competitive starting salary of $35k with a $5k pay rises every 6 months. (35k-50k over duration of 24 month contract)

• 1-2-1 support with our expert coaches

• Work on real-life client projects – aka great experience and exposure!

• Placed into an 18-24 month contract (with an option to stay with the client upon completion)

• Ongoing career support from our recruitment partner, Opus Talent Solutions

Remote training starts: July 18th 2022: Monday – Friday, 9:00am – 5:00pm for 12 weeks

About _nology

_nology is the fastest growing tech academy in the US, UK and Australia, and our mission is to train a diverse group of enthusiastic individuals who are passionate and excited about a career in technology. We’re offering a fully funded, remotely taught training programme that will develop the knowledge and skills you need to become a Junior Cloud Engineer in just 12 weeks.

Our commitment to diversity and inclusion has resulted in us training and placing hundreds of consultants – most with no prior experience in Engineering. In fact, 76% of our trainees are career-changers, 47% are female, 17% are LGBTQIA+, and 63% are ethnically diverse. We’re proud to have won awards for these commitments, including the 2021 Diversity Initiative Award at the Great British Businesswoman Awards.


Who are you?

If you’re hardworking and determined, you could have the perfect set of skills to transfer into a fast-paced, exciting career in tech after just 12 weeks:

• Great communication skills

• Strong, creative problem-solving skills

• Ability to learn independently as well as in a group environment

• Passion to understand how technology influences our lives, and how to make it better

• Ambitious self-starter, hardworking, and eager to learn

• A pleasure to be around and to work with! This is very important to us at _nology.

What will you do?

This training programme is the opportunity to showcase your existing passion and grow your knowledge through a remote, coach-led, specialised-curriculum learning environment. You’ll develop your skills in a hands-on way, with over 500 hours of coding and real-life client projects with your like-minded team. In just 12 weeks, you’ll be able to understand how software products are built and deployed in different companies across a range of industries – all the while being paid to learn. As a Cloud Engineer in your new role, you’ll work on meaningful and innovative projects, powered by the latest technologies and industry best practices. You’ll be partnering on projects for a range of companies, from large enterprises to start-ups, deploying Cloud solutions at scale, and working on innovative, cutting-edge applications of new technologies. You’ll discover that technology is creative, innovative, and bursting with possibility… Upon successful completion of the training we will guarantee you a job with one of our clients across Texas, as a consultant.

You’ll then receive a competitive salary with pay rises every six months and have the option to stay with the client after 18-24 months! Our clients include Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Accenture, Reach, and many more, ranging from small start-ups to FTSE 100 global brands that will look great on your resume.


• The main one – placement into your first role as a Cloud Engineer with 12 weeks of paid training!!

• Competitive entry level salary of $35k – $50k. (5k Increases every 6 months)

• Relocation bonus in Texas

Benefits including healthcare, dental and vision, we ensure the full cost of employee cover with no contribution required

• The ability to earn yourself additional paid time off, on top of 20 days PTO and 11 national holidays

401k after 6 months of employment, company contribute up to 3%

• Personalised learning and development plan, and ongoing support

• You’ll learn in-demand technical skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TDD, Google Cloud, Docker & Kubernetes, Terraform, Ansible, Networking) – don’t worry if this doesn’t mean anything to you yet!

• Soft skills development – collaboration, communication, technical interviewing etc

• Extensive industry networking opportunities

• Ongoing mentorship and support through our alumni network and recruitment partnership with Opus Talent Solutions

• Social events with fellow students, and plenty of fun along your coding journey

Your qualifications and background have no impact on what you can achieve; creativity, innovative thinking, and determination are key to your success, as we’ll support you with the rest.