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Samantha Miller

Associate Director

Everyone looks out for each other, and we have lots of fun as well as working hard. Everyone understands that recruitment can be hard and we help pick each other up on bad days. It’s what keeps you going.

There are many employers out there... What made you choose Opus?

When I joined Opus, they’d only been going for a year, and I was excited to join a startup company with big ambitions.

Darren’s passion and desire to grow the business while retaining that family feel really drew me in, although I must admit I never anticipated it being so much more successful than even he predicted!

Tell us what you think about our company culture.

Working for Opus is like being part of a large family, which sounds cheesy but it’s true.

Everyone looks out for each other, and we have lots of fun as well as working hard. Everyone understands that recruitment can be hard and we help pick each other up on bad days. It’s what keeps you going.

We all want each other to succeed and it’s a truly unselfish environment, which is pretty unusual in recruitment!

Tell us a bit about your role…

Although I’m an Associate Director, I’ve wanted to remain hands-on. I love the satisfaction of finding candidates jobs they love and helping people progress their careers. I didn’t want to lose that by becoming a manager, so Opus has fully embraced me wanting to stay doing what I enjoy the most.

This means my job is very much that of a 360-degree Consultant, speaking to and building relationships with clients and candidates on a daily basis, networking and placing as many people as I can into brilliant jobs that match their needs.

What do you get up to on a typical day?

On a typical day, I will come in, make a cup of tea (I don’t think I’d function without it), check my emails and the job boards for the latest candidates and then decide what my plan will be for the day.

Just after we all get in, we have a team catch-up which gives us the chance to discuss our plan for the day and gives us the opportunity to exchange ideas and help each other out.

We all have different ways of working, so it can be really beneficial to hear other people’s ideas and opinions. We also do this several times throughout the day, which is a great way of keeping on track.

Time management is key within recruitment as we always have so many things to juggle, clients and candidates to speak to, adverts to write, emails to check and respond to, as well as lots of admin work. Organisation and having a proper plan in place is key to being successful in this job.

No day is ever the same and priorities change on an hourly basis, but you can always guarantee it will involve a lot of talking on the phone!

What’s the best thing about working here?

The environment and rewards are the best part of working here. Where else can you work with a bunch of friends and earn so much money, get to eat in posh restaurants and get all expenses paid trips away!

They also really look after you. In the time I’ve been here. I’ve had two children and Opus has been amazing in supporting me. They’ve been great in offering me flexibility around my childcare needs and the hours that I work, and have been really supportive in letting me come back working three days a week.

What’s your opinion on our L&D?

Out L&D team are brilliant and are the backbone of Opus. Since I’ve been here. I’ve seen people come in with no experience rise through the ranks to Associate Director level, win industry awards and earn more money than you could dream of.

That would never have been possible without our training schemes and the team behind them.

What are the two most important things you’ve taken away from training?

Despite having been in recruitment for nearly 10 years, I never think I know it all. I still get involved in the training sessions and find refresher sessions very important – they’re a great means of reminding you of the importance of doing things the right way, as it’s so easy to get complacent.

What incentivises you at work?

The commission is, of course, my biggest incentive – I don’t know anywhere else where I could possibly earn the money I do on part-time hours!

Alongside this, I also love finding people new jobs. There is nothing better than hearing someone screaming down the phone in excitement and their family cheering in the background when you call to say they got the job. It’s moments like that that get me through the bad days!

What's been your biggest achievement?

It’s hard to pick as there have been a few, but I guess my biggest achievement would have to be being the first woman at Opus to go through a million pounds for the business (and the Mulberry handbag I received to say thank you was a nice little bonus).

What do you think makes someone successful at Opus?

Grit, hard work and determination along with a genuine desire to do well A sense of humour is also key in this job, as well as being able to laugh when things go wrong and not taking things to heart.

To anyone thinking about applying, what would you tell them?

Do it! If you’re prepared to work hard to be successful and want to earn shedloads of money and have fun at the same time, then this is a great company to join.

What do you do in your spare time?

Spare time, what spare time? I miss the days I had any! With two kids (three if you include my husband) and a dog, any moment I‘m not in work is spent running around after them. That, along with this job, definitely keeps me on my toes!

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