Supportively Opus

Opus Well Rounded

Well Rounded means ‘having a personality that is fully developed in all aspects’ and that is our aim for our workforce. We want to help our people to be the best versions of themselves, at work and at home, and as such, we created Opus Well Rounded.

Goals and Objectives

The Opus Well Rounded initiative was designed to support our employees wellbeing goals in three areas;

  • Physical Wellbeing
  • Psychological Wellbeing
  • Social Wellbeing


The objectives of Opus Well Rounded are to:

  • Give our employees access to tailored and thoughtful resources to help them achieve their wellbeing goals and create balance with their work
  • Help educate us all about our communities, our differences and how we can champion and support others through meaningful social connections
  • Build communities and bring people together; to motivate us to achieve things that aren’t just about our work!

Support at Work & Home

Be the Best Version Of You

We aim to create the space for our people to become more well-rounded as individuals, and in doing so, we will be helping to cultivate a balanced workforce in terms of all demographics, attitudes to work and life, and the development of both professional and emotional skills.

We do this through our monthly newsletters, charity events, exercise challenges, webinars and training sessions, guest speakers, social events… and lots more!

In doing these things, we get the conversation going on topics that can affect employee happiness and productivity, and this allows us to find ways to address those weaker areas, support those who need it and bring about change!