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Trainee Software Developer - Learn to Code, Paid Placement

South Australia, Australia

Learn to code- Get your first job in tech!

Open to applicants living in South Australia!

Do you want to work in technology but didn’t think you had the right skills or background? Well now you can!

Digital skills are creating the careers of the future. The tech industry is changing quickly, so it needs a diverse workforce to make sure everyone benefits equally from the impact it has on our lives. We’re looking for people who want to make a difference; who want to be changemakers.

Regardless of your educational background, or what jobs you’ve worked in before, we believe everyone has the potential to start a successful, rewarding career in technology.

We have a global footprint, working with some of the world’s most recognisable businesses – from corporates like Deutsche Bank, Accenture and Macquarie Bank; to exciting start-ups like Brighte and Virtually Human Studios.

Our mission

We launched _nology to address the shortage of technology skills, and have a really meaningful impact on diversity in the industry.

We want to demystify what working in tech actually means, so we can break down barriers and make it a place people from all backgrounds can thrive. The fact that coding is creative, exciting and collaborative is one of the best kept secrets in the industry. We want to blow the lid off and let everyone know why they should be part of the tech revolution!

What we do

_nology funds & runs intensive full time training programs, that enable people from any background to launch a new career in technology. This is specifically designed to make them job-ready with practical, up to date skills – not just theory – to meet real-world needs. We then deploy you on site with our clients on long term placements, to make sure these new careers are successful- ongoing support is a critical component to making sure these new skills stick.

How is the program structured?

You will start your new pathway by undergoing 12 weeks of fully-funded, intensive, full time training in software engineering through _nology. (All training will be delivered remotely, through live Zoom sessions- meaning you can be based anywhere in South Australia).

Our training is designed to make you a great tech employee- giving you plenty of soft-skills and professional skills development, as well as highly-sought after technical skills.

You’ll get to work on real-life external client projects, meaning you’ll have genuine commercial experience before the course is even complete.

After the 12-week training, you’ll be on-boarded with us and placed on site with one of our industry hiring partners for an 18 month fixed term period, continuing to support you in making the most of your new career.


Who are we looking for?

You don’t need any experience or education in tech- as this role is client-facing, any experience dealing with customers is beneficial. People from sales, retail, customer service, hospitality and project management experience have been really successful on these programs- but it’s not limited to any of that!

In general:

  • Great communication skills
  • Strong problem-solving skills
  • Ability to learn independently as well as in a group environment
  • Passion to understand how technology influences our lives, and how to make it better
  • 1+ years work experience (in any job or industry- no tech exp. req.)
  • Full rights to work in Australia


What we offer you:

  • Highly sought-after technical skills training (HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Java, Cloud, Unit testing)
  • Soft skills development e.g. collaboration, communication, technical interviewing, CV writing
  • Placement into your first tech role
  • Budget for ongoing training and certifications
  • Extensive industry networking and mentorship opportunities
  • Ongoing mentorship and support through our recruitment partnership and alumni network
  • Social events