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Thanks to our partnership with tech training academy _nology we are able to grow our own developers here at Opus. In a market where tech skills are in demand (but a skills shortage means that there are fewer tech skilled candidates) our in-house training programme enables us to provide you with a plethora of newly trained candidates, exclusive to Opus! And the best part; not only are you helping Junior Developers to find their first role in tech but for each candidate you place you earn commission.

Supporting your pipeline

Boosting commision

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Help Solve the Diversity Gap In Tech

Diversely Opus

Addressing the Diversity Issues In Tech

_nology was founded to address the tech skills gap and lack of diversity in the industry. A lack of diversity covers anything from underrepresented ethnicities to age diversity, background diversity and more. We’re proud to say that at _nology we have trained peoples of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds. By becoming an Opus recruitment consultant you become an integral part of our mission to place more diverse candidates into thriving tech careers.